Sunday, August 2, 2015

Farm Leaders Fight Farmers

HELLO FOLKS! — The way the corn referendum vote went it seems that the pseudo farm leaders who were fighting Benson discovered they were fighting the farmers instead.


THE CORN referendum vote was not a complete victory for those who believe in the American way of life. There is still that 65 per cent ruling that is going to keep farmers producing corn at an extremely heavy rate, a rate that may make it a ceiling instead of a floor. However it is gratifying to know that there are so many farmers who realize that the Government is not a profitable market for farm produce and that it can not guarantee as much as can be had on a competitive market.

This move in corn is a big step in the right direction, and if our congressmen are smart they will give farmers a chance to vote on other commodities the same way. It is one sure way of getting the farmers to choose their own program instead of the congress getting their own necks wrenched by making a false move.

Farm productivity is moving up at the rate of 6 per cent per year, and there is no indication that it is going to slow up. That means that the consumer is going to get his food cheaper each year. This is good for us all. Food is today the best buy it has ever been but not the best buy it will be in the future. Therefore a change in farm programs is bound to have to take place and the sooner the farmers get the change the better off we will all be. The consumer has as much stake in this as the farmer as his total cost of living is tied to it. If we get a sound fiscal policy going nationally and all segments of the economy use good sense in their demands we can have an ever upward increase in our standard of living. However with our society becoming more and more integrated all the time if some one "goofs" and does too much "rocking" the whole system can crash.

There are so many angles to our economy that it is an almost impossible job to know how each fits in and what effects what. One of the big problems that is going to be an issue is the role to be played by Church and State.

I believe that right now the State is usurping some of the role of the Church should have for best results, and we also know that the Church can usurp some of the State's duties. History has shown that.

To me it is all very interesting, that is why I write this column. We each need to teach the other and learn all we can. None of us know all we should but the sooner, and the better, we do know the better a future we are going to have.


I GOT so wound up on the going subject I almost forgot to tell a joke; so here goes;

He— "Honey, I loves you' bathing suit."

She— "Sho nuff?"

He— "It sho does."

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