Sunday, February 25, 2018

Just a Sittin' And a Rockin'

HELLO FOLKS! — Worry is like a rocking chiar. It will give you something to do, but it won't get you anywhere.


THERE IS no - smaller package than a man wholly wrapped up in himself.


IT LOOKS LIKE the dairy problem is almost solved. Dairy cow numbers are down 3 1/2 per cent under a year ago, and still decreasing. Production is still going up per cow which is good as it spells higher efficiency and lower cost, but the surplus has practically vanished, and within another year the government will probably be out of the surplus purchasing business as far as dairy is concerned. It has been a painful healing process and the price fixers realized that if they lost the battle for control of dairy products they might as well 'throw in the sponge.'

To top it all off the cows left are concentrated in larger herds which makes for even greater efficiency and better handling of milk. It is easier to regulate sanitation in a few large herds than in many small ones.

This all adds up for the benefit of the consumer and producer alike as it contributes to our ever increasing standard of living. The laboring man today has never had so good a buy in dairy products as he now has. The real way to figure the cost of anything is in the number of hours worked to purchase it, or for the farmer the number of hogs, bushels of grain, etc. For instance it takes only eight minutes of work to purchase a quart of milk and twenty or twenty five for a pound of butter.


WELL, ELECTION is over, as far as the primary is concerned and yours truly can get back to farming.

I want to sincerely thank those of you who voted for me and for the many kind expressions. I did not realize a campaign could be so interesting. I got to meet so many of you that I would never have met otherwise.

I congratulate the winners. As far as I know there was no mudslinging, which shows that at least some politicians are growing up. I think name calling is just a sign of emotional immaturity.

I think I must be very thick skinned, or something because I didn't feel any remorse at losing, at least not enough to lose any sleep over. Guess it wouldn't have done any good to have done so anyway.


IN RECENT years, farmers have spent about $10 billion annually for production goods and services of nonfarm origin. This according to the USDA. This is more than four times as much as they spent annually for such goods and service in 1938, Prices increased during those twenty years to account for one-half of the increase in these expenses. The biggest in-crease has been for machinery and cost reducing equipment.