Sunday, May 27, 2012

A Lesson Learned


Hello Folks — The Month of August gave us one and three quarters inches of rain.

"WHY, DOROTHY! Sakes alive, I hardly know you after 10 years. You've...."

"You've gained, too Marie. Why, I wouldn't have known you either — but for your old hat!"

THERE ARE a number of philosophical sayings that come to mind just now; such as, "Snap judgment, like a bear trap, can snap back at the one who baits it."

Or, "Experience is a dear school but a fool will learn in no other."

Or, "Experience is the best teacher, but sometimes very expensive."

MISSING TEXT – been suffering the penalty of it ever since.

Because of snap judgment. Prophets have been killed or their warnings unheeded, only to the bitter shame of the one who did it.

Because of snap judgement nations have gone down in defeat and oblivion.

Because of snap judgment sons have been imprisoned for year innocently.

My snap judgment this time was serious only to myself and except for being out about fifty dollars I may be a bit wiser. I hope so, anyway.

Oh, yes! Another though that comes to mind is this: "Hind sight is better than foresight.

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