Sunday, June 4, 2017

Demoralizing Advertising

HELLO FOLKS — What, in your estimation, is the most demoralizing advertisement on TV?

We all have our own opinions and they vary with our views. Some will say it is the liquor ads. Others will say something else. To me it is the ads that are slanted to the very young who are in their most formative age. All week They advertise something like this: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday. Funnnnnn-day.

We have a host of very young who love to watch animated comics; and there is certainly nothing wrong with that, but the real danger is getting across the idea that the Sabbath day is a day of fun Certainly Sunday is not to be day of sadness or even of somberness, but it is meant to be a day of worship, a day of concentrating or things divine. We need to practice that side of it more than we do.

We recently had a demonstration of parents who were concerned over childrens' physical welfare, which is certainly good; yet some of the more insidious dangers we sometimes overlook until it is too late.

I think that if we could fully realize what some of these things really do to our youth we would have letters by the millions flooding in to some of these advertisers, who probably do not realize the real dangers in their actions.

Observing the Sabbath day is a divine commandment that has existed since creation, and was reaffirmed on Mount Sinai and again by the Galilean 2,000 years ago. It has never been revoked to my knowledge and as far as I can see, if ever the day comes that man revokes it, or tries to, then civilization is doomed. For the beacon of civilization is divine law and guidance. When we become so self sufficient that we think we can sup-plant higher laws by our own choosing we are in for a fall.


IT LOOKS like Freeborn county is in for another good crop. As bad and late as the season was last spring it seems a miracle that the crops turned out as good as they are. It seems that generally the weather evens up pretty well over a year's time at least in this part of the state.

Even the fellows who had some crops drowned out can plow under a good crop of weeds and probably in a couple of years end up with as good an average as otherwise. I had a spot drowned out and it is a good thing for me. This is the first year I lost a crop on it so I tiled it. It has always been hard to work because it was too water logged. Now I can probably get full production from it along with the rest of the land.

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