Sunday, August 7, 2016

Race Issue Attracts Many

HELLO FOLKS — Children have active fertile minds. Something must be grown in them. If we fail to fill them with good things they will fill with evil and filth.


WHENEVER A cause tends to become popular it attracts 'fair-weather' friends of every color and hue.

Such is the case with the present racial integration program. Well meaning people who just never had the nerve to speak out and act before suddenly become exceedingly active and move to the forefront.

Radicals and emotionalists as usual find their place in the movements. Some who never gave a thought to integration before suddenly have all kinds of ideas. Among these people are those who don't seem to have their purposes too well oriented.

There are those who in the past have made every endeavor to take away freedom from their fellow citizens and who now speak the loudest for integration.

Probably most of us will agree that racial integration is a good thing. Although if we lived in certain areas of the United States we might not be enthusiastic about it.

However, if racial integration is important, then religious integration is vital. If we do much studying of history we will generally conclude that the blending and competition in religion has done tremendous good for the nations who practiced it. There seem to be some, who, while they favor racial integration are heading the other way in religion.


THERE ARE those who have headed the integration movement, whose hands are not too clean, either. For instance in Chicago this week as in the past few weeks there were sit-in demonstrations. Streets, hallways, and entrances to public buildings were blocked. Why?

To force integration at all costs. They want students transported by bus to areas that have little racial mixture.

It would seem that they have little interest in the welfare of the children. The children are mostly a pawn to accomplish another aim, probably not stated. If they get their way, white students will be taken out of their neighborhood schools and bussed across town to other schools.

Also Negro students will be bussed to other areas where there are no Negroes. Tactics such as that make the word integration seem quite hollow..

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