Sunday, May 29, 2016

And Life Dotted With Heartache

HELLO FOLKS — My neighbor says that a checkered career quite often leads to a striped suit. suit.


THE FATHER was visiting his son in college. The son was working in the chemistry lab. Said Father to Son: "What are you doing with all those bottles and stuff?" Son: "Trying to discover a solvent that will dissolve everything". Father: "And what will you put it in when you discover it?"


J. EDGAR Hoover, the great leader of the FBI nearly always says something worth while when he talks, and I admire him greatly.

He gave a talk once that has been widely repeated. He has given his premission for its use and it is so fitting that I think It can hardly be over emphasized.

What he said goes something like this.

"There is no place in America for part-time patriots. If your nation is to live, if we are to continue to enjoy the fruits of liberty, we can do no less than follow the example of the men who won that freedom for us. Freedom, while a heritage, must be re-won for each generation.

"With complete selflessness and with blazing intensity of spirit, our forefathers dedicated their lives first to securing and then to maintaining, freedom. They knew at first hand that life without freedom is intolerable. And so they dreamed of freedom, fought for freedom, breathed it and spoke it, prayerfully and without self-consciousness.

"Independence, freedom, liberty — are words that ring like exulting bells! Today we need such bells to be rung. This nation is faced with the gravest danger ever to confront it. The menace of Communism is no simple, forthright threat. It is a sinister and deadly conspiracy which can be conquered only by an alert, informed citizenry dedicated to the preservation of the principles on which America was founded.

"If our nation is to retain its liberty in the future, now, as never before, its citizens must understand that the inescapable price of freedom is eternal vigilance. And eternal vigilance with dedication to its
cause, brings unity and strength in I time of crisis."

Those words of Mr. Hoover should be the controlling influence in the lives of every one of us. I hope everyone of us will take such things to heart and use that eternal vigilance we must ever need.

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