Sunday, July 19, 2015

Determined by Where You Look

HELLO FOLKS — Marriage is supposed to be a 50-50 proposition, but did you ever see a woman's idea of sharing a clothes closet?


NEVER LET A difficulty stop you; it may be only sand on your track to prevent skidding.


EVER SINCE I have been writing this column I have been urging a greater study of economics in our schools. It is slowly coming, but there are a number of pressure groups who, for selfish reasons have been against it.

Now, however, there is an organization called "The Joint Council on Economic Education". It is forming nationwide to provide classroom materials, workshops for high school teachers, seminars for college economics professors and encouragement of business participation in the economics educational process.

It is already operation in 38 regional and state councils, with more being formed regularily. There is one operating in Minnesota now.

In Russia every student understands the Russian economic system. Here in America, where we have so much to lose, not one students in 100 understands the American economic system. Is it any wonder why the Communistic system is spreading? It certainly isn't because it gives the most for the people. It is only because it is being pushed and most of the people who understand anything about economics are being taught the other system.

With the competition Russia is giving us we are finally waking up to the facts. Who says that competition is not good?

A SURVEY WAS taken a few years ago among school children between the ages of eight and 19, the following qualities that were desired in a father were listed in the order of their importance.
1. Spending time with his children.
2. Respecting his children's opinion.
3. Being an active church member.
4. Being a college graduate.
5. Never nagging his children about what they should do.
6. Making plenty of money.
7. Being well dressed.
8. Being prominent in social life.
9. Having a love of music and poetry.
10. Owning a good looking car.


FRENCH FOREIGN Minister Robert Schuman is a confirmed bachelor. When asked why, he explained: "When I was young, I decided not to get married until I had found the ideal woman. Then I found her. Regretfully, however, she was looking for the ideal man."

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