Sunday, January 25, 2015

Movie That is Worthwhile

HELLO FOLKS — Some people are like the wheelbarrow — not useful unless pushed, also easily upset.


IT IS NOT what men eat but what they digest that makes them strong; not what we gain, but what we save that makes us rich; not what we read, but what we remember that makes us learn; and not what we preach, but what we practice that makes us Christians – Francis Bacon.

IT SEEMS THAT we are entering a stage of ever greater extremes in many ways.

I am thinking now of the movie industry, especially. We had the privilege of seeing the new show, "Ben-Hur". For the benefit of those who have not seen it, I say, "don't miss it." I believe it is superior to "The Ten Commandments", and probably superior, in moral behavior, to any movie I have seen. It has a wonderful message, an interesting story and the filming is as good as I have seen. It was produced in the best of taste.

We know that many of the movies now-a-days are extremely vulgar. We don't go to any that we think are that way.

However, the other night I was spending the evening away from home. Had nothing in particular to do so decided to take in a show. The only one we thought was worth seeing was a black and white film that is supposed to be good. Since the main actor has passed away since the film was produced we went to see that one.

I was throughly disgusted with it, and quite ashamed to even be there seeing it. Apparently there is no more censorship in Hollywood. The well known actress starring in it apparently can't act anything but what she naturally is, and that is not good.

It was not just my opinion; there were several of us there and that was the concensus. The show is just about as debasing as it could be, and I am sure that any actor or actress with any sense of decency would not have permitted themselves to act in such a picture.

Even the directing was poor. For instance; they had caught some wild horses and according to the plot they had a remorse of conscience and let the horses loose. Instead of taking the ropes off the hose's necks they cut the rope near the far end and the horses were let loose in the desert with a lariat dragging from the for at least 20 feet. I know a little bit about the west and I know that no cowboy would ever let a horse loose with a slip rope dragging.

I think it's a shame that such pictures are produced. They burrow at the very root of civilization and break down the morals of our youth.

We don't go to movies much these days but I understand that this one is pretty typical of what is happening to a lot of movies.

One observation I would like to make is that religious movies, when well produced, are the most popular. Shows such as "The Ten Commandments" and "Ben-Hur" are breaking all records for continuous running. This is a good indication for the future of movies.

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