Sunday, February 23, 2014

Canadians Have Driving Respect


My neighbor tries to tell me that high society is a bunch of crumbs stuck together by their dough.

This issue of One Farmer's View is being written at Vernon, British Columbia, the heart of Western Canada. The climate here is beautiful, at least where I am at now. It varies a lot within a few miles.

At the Barnes Ranch the temperature changes very little within a day. This ranch is 15 miles from Vernon. The temperature is an average of three of four degrees cooler than in Vernon with about three of fours inches more precipitation annually. A few miles from Vernon the temperatures get hot with about half the rainfall.

There is quite a contrast in the driving habits of Canadians and Minnesotans. If a pedestrians starts across a street, whether he is in the cross walk or not, the motorist had better stop. Pedestrians have the right of way here anytime they are walking.

There is a lot of walking here and also a lot of hitch-hiking. The Canadians are not as affluent as Americans. The cars are generally older and there are less teen-agers driving the streets and roads. The saloons are strictly licensed and drunkerness is not tolerated in public. Drunken driving is a serious offense as is open bottle possession.

The newspapers here do not have a comic section. They do have a lot of news from around the world. Seldom does Canada have a news broadcast without mentioning something from England, France or some of the Commonwealth nations.

It seems to me that the news media goes into more details on scientific information and business details than do the United States publications.

Everywhere one goes he cannot but be impressed with the fact that there is a terrific amount of American money in Canada. Were it not for this fact Canadians would be far behind where they are in personal wealth. However as I mentioned last week Canada is on the march. I expect to see a tremendous amount of growth in their economy in the next decade, and it is not apt to slow up too much in the near future.

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