Monday, March 19, 2012

A Big Contrast At Petersens

–By Edwin B. Petersen

Hello Folks – It had been so noisy. There were always doors slamming, children screaming, talking, singing, laughing, whistling or playing. Then all of a sudden quiet; so quiet that we could hear a pin drop (or should I say 'bear myself think.')

You see it is this way – Vera and the eight youngest went for a visit with the home folks in Montana. They left Thursday morning at six o'clock, and things started happening right away. They got to the end of the driveway and discovered that little Mark was not with them. He was still sleepy and the bed felt sooooo nice so he quit the car when they were delayed a bit in getting the car packed.

With him back in the car they were on their way. About 11 o'clock there was a phone call from Adrain, Minn. They had stopped at the roadside fountain near there and the car keys had gotten lost. Vera wanted to know what to do. She had to get a new lock put on the car. After this we will remember to take both keys along when we go on a trip.

I imagine she was delayed about three hours. Through a phone call I found that they got to Bozeman, Mont. about 7 p.m. Friday and everything else went all right.

This is the first time I won't be there for their family reunion. Just too mant things to do this year. I expect to attend a few conventions this year so I get my vacations then in short intervals.

It was little Mark who had taken the keys out of the ignition and lost them. Looks like he was the fly in the day's ointment.

IN 1959 the average person in the United States used 345 pounds of fluid milk and cream. That's four pounds less than in 1957 and nine pounds below 1956. We would all be better off it we drank twice as much milk as we do. Milk is the natural and cheapest source of calcium and vitamins. Drink more of it – it's good for you.

I hear that Webster Lair proposed to his wife in the month of February. Pearl being the careful one that she is, said, 'I won't marry you until you have $1,000.00 in the bank.' Buss didn't press the question for a while and Pearl got curious. In June she asked, "How much have you got in the bank now?" "Oh, about 35 dollars," said he. "That's near enough, let's get married."

They were giving him a farewell party and the compliments had been coming from all sides. He got up to make a few acknowledgements and found it hard to get out the right words. Finally he said "All that I owe, I owe because of my wife.:

So live that when the summons comes to join
That innumerable caravan that moves
To that mysterious realm, where each shall take
His chamber in the silent halls of death,
Thou go not, like the quarry slave at night,
Scourged to his dungeon, but sustatined and soothed
By an unfaltering trust, approach they grave
Like one who wraps the draper of his couch
About hom, and lies down to pleasant dreams.

–William Cullen Bryant, in "Thanatopsis."

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